Point-, Cross-, Line-Laser

... are only a subset of our product range

More than 2000 different models of our laser modules are used in industry applications. Wavelength, modulation, beam shape and many other features are manufactured upon your requests. Our products can be delivered on short notice.


Blau Optoelektronik – 
Taylored laser modules & measurement technology

For more than 20 years Blau Optoelektronik designs and manufactures laser modules and laser based measurement technology.

We offer to our customers:

  • Product design taylored to individual requirements
  • High quality at attractive prices
  • Professional consulting from experienced specialists
  • High flexibility and creativity for special requests

We guaranteed this by our:

  • Profound experience in optics, lasers and circuit design
  • Strong connectivity between motivated scientists and engineers
  • A lean company profile with focus on enduring growth

Advantage of our Laser modules

No matter if you need a line, point or cross laser, we offer the right module. Upon your request we configure:

  • wavelengths between 405 - 905 nm (blue, green, red, IR)
  • supply voltage between 4.5 - 30 VDC
  • optical powers up to 100 mW
  • Digital or analogue modulation

In addition, all our modules are equipped with inversion protection and CE, RoHs conformity

Featured Product: Machine Vision Laser MV Femto

The smallest MV laser module (8x15mm) with homogeneous power density, high straightness and extra fine line width. Wavelength, power, aperture, focus and modulation are manufactured upon your requirements.

// Machine Vision Laser

Certificate: ISO 9001:2015

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