Cross Line Laser

Cross Line Laser

Cross Line Laser

For the various applications of our cross lasers a variety of patterns can be generated by diffractive optics (DOE). Our cross laser modules are used for marking in medical technology or in industrial manufacturing. According to the application, matching patterns (crosses, points, rectangles, circles, and free forms) can be generated from the laser beam using diffractive optics (DOE).

Wavelenghts: 405 nm, 450 nm, 520 nm, 532 nm, 635 nm, 660 nm, 685 nm, 850 nm, 905 nm

Optical power: 10 uW – 100 mW

Focusable or permanently focused

Supply voltage: 4,5 - 6 V, (5-30V optional)

Modulation: digital, analog (on request up to 300Mhz)

Structural forms starting with 8 x 10 mm, Standard 11,5 x 60 mm

Selectable patterns