Machine Vision Laser

// Machine Vision Laser

Line Laser

// Line Laser

Point Laser

// Point Laser

Cross Line Laser

// Cross Line Laser

Fiber Coupled Laser Modules

// Fiber Coupled Laser Modules

Distance Meter

Our triangulation based distance and width measuring devices have proved valuable in industry for many years. Typical applications include width measurement...
// Distance Meter

Power Meter

Our measuring device Wavepower allows to measure wavelength and emitting power of laser diodes and modules simultaneously...
// Power Meter

LED Modules

// LED Modules

Tailored Designs

Blau Optoelektronik (in cooperation with Blau engineering office) designs and produces laserdiode modules and measuring devices for more than 20 years.

Wether you need a line, point or cross laser, we offer the right module – we configure to your request:
wavelengths from 405 to 905 nm (blue, green, red, IR), 
supply voltage from 4.5 up to 30 VDC, 
optical powers up to 100 mW in digital or analogue modulation.
In addition, all our modules are equipped with inversion protection and CE, RoHs conformity
// Tailord Designs

Additional Components

// Additional Components