History of BLAU Optoelectronic



Blau Optoelektroniks GmbH was founded in 1987 by Frank Blau in Überlingen, Germany. The founder's previous, 16-year long experience as a development engineer in the aerospace and space flight within the area of laser technology and pioneering achievements of the company in the development and manufacture of laser pointers laid the cornerstone for today's point, cross line and line laser modules.

Concurrently, the development and production of distance meters and laser transmitter and receiving systems based on triangulation came about. These experiences have been continuously developed ever since.

Due to ever increasing demand and, consequently, growth, the company moved to the new company building in Askaniaweg, situated right at Lake Constance in 2000.

Since 2010, Dr. Ingmar Blau and Eugen Romasew support the company and act as CEOs since 2012. Under the new leadership the product range has been extended in the areas of LED, high frequency modulation and microcontroller. At the same time, production processes have been optimized and a quality management system as well as the certification of ISO9001 was introduced in 2008.

BLAU Optoelektronik - Headquater at lake constance