Measuring Technology

Our expertise focus on the timely, cost-effective and high-quality development and manufacturing of optoelectronic measuring technology, laser modules and laser drivers.

Experience versus current research

Our design and production team includes scientists, engineers and technicians of various disciplines. This allows us to analyze the requirements of our customers from multiple perpectives. Under consideration of current research findings and experience, efficient solutions are created in this way.

Development and manufacture made ​​to measure

We tailor our products to the individual requirements of our customers. We work closely with our customers and thus achieve optimal results. Timely and uncomplicated, we produce samples and thereby allow our customers to adapt their demands in practice.

Scalability of the production

Depending on customer requirements, we manufacture from individual pieces to large series with more than 20,000 laser modules per year.

Direct contact

Customers benefit from direct contact with our developers. Hence, we work out pragmatic solutions for unconventional tasks.

Auswahl verschiedener Lasermodule